Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ear Plugs Are This Girl's Best Friend

Sometime over the course of this journey called motherhood, I discovered ear plugs. I think my husband introduced me to the squishy beauties. I'm a person that needs it pitch black and completely silent to sleep. There must be no soft glow from a clock or tv. The moon is not permitted to peak through my curtains. I need it dark. I also need it quiet. Enter, ear plugs.

Over the years I have found myself relying on them much more. I often leave them in until the boys get on the bus. My ear plugs drown out the early morning loudness quite wonderfully. Relax, I can still hear them. Their voices are just softer at 7AM. If one of them was bleeding, I would hear it. I have forgotten, on several occasions, to take my ear plugs out. I've realized at the grocery store check out. I've realized at a friend's house. I've realized at the boys school. Not to worry though, I just pop 'em out and stick my beloved's in my pocket. I'm not ashamed.

Ear plugs also come in handy for day time love with your husband. While it doesn't help the bangs at the door, it dulls the chaos that is happening since we left them unattended.

I buy my ear plugs in bulk. I keep them in my nightstand. You can also find them in every drawer, in my car, in my jacket, on the washer, and any other place I happened to be when I realized they were still in my ears.

Ear plugs are this girl's best friend.


  1. I take my hearing aid out... so it's the same idea

  2. Can I call you an ear plug lover, Amy? Haha. Ear plugs are indeed beneficial for someone who is lacking in sleep. And for a mother like you, it can definitely be considered a best friend, or partner in crime. Hehe. Also, if you happen to go to concerts or live entertainment shows, try wearing your ear plugs. You’ll be amazed by how it works. =)

  3. Thank you Amy! After a long day today that left me crying because of my 3 little ones - there was lots of whining and crying and fits and little ones pulling at my legs and melt-down in payless trying to buy new shoes, etc. anyhow this was great to read for perspective - thank you - keep writing! Sarah Webster


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