Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh, the Horror!

When the boys were younger, they got into EVERYTHING.  I used to get so annoyed because all of my friends who had girls did not have this problem.  They could have their homes fully decorated and their girls wouldn't touch a thing.  The decor in my home was stripped down to a nice throw and some decorative pillows.  Everything else was just an accident waiting to happen.

Some of the boys favorite things to get into were eggs, sugar, toilet paper, and paper towels.  Jadon was so quiet about his work I wouldn't know what he did until it was far to late.  It was awful.  The egg messes were pretty bad.  You are probably wondering why I didn't have my goods locked up.  We did.  Jadon was the MacGyver of little boys. 

One particular day the boys did something that will go down in mommy meltdown history.  While I was in the bathroom, probably taking a few extra minutes to regroup, the boys got into....Dawn Direct Foam.

"Oh, the Horror!"

If you use the stuff you know it only takes a small squirt to do a sink full of dishes.  That stuff creates suds for days.  I entered the kitchen to see the three boys covered in the foam.  Not only were they covered, but the entire kitchen and living room floors were covered.   We have hardwood floors.  So, picture if you will two entire rooms filled with the sudsy foam.  I'm pretty sure I uttered a few curse words in my brain, repeatedly.  They had turned the two rooms into an foam skating rink.  I laughed a little as they slipped and fell during my yelling.  That will teach them.

I threw the boys in the tub and scrubbed.  They were probably terrified and regretful that they unleashed the crazy mom.  Their skin smelled of the lime surge scent for days.  Now I had to clean the floors.  It was morning so I couldn't save the mess for my husband.  I got some wet paper towels and began to scrub.  "Oh, the Horror!"

My wet paper towels only created more sudsy bubbles.  Then I decided to poor a small cup of water on the floor and wipe it down with dry paper towels.  That was dumb.  This created even more soap.  I ended up using all of my bathroom towels and about 3 hours of my time cleaning the mess.  I had to wet a small section and wipe it with a dry spot on a towel.  Rinse and repeat about a gazillion times.  That clean-up was worse than any poop disaster, baby puke, or boy vomit I have ever had to clean. 

Sometimes I wonder how I made it through the boys toddler years.  Really, and we are all still sane.  I can even look back now and laugh.  Boys will be boys.  But, take it from one mom, if you use Dawn Direct Foam, lock the stuff up.


  1. That just sounds awful! I've had pretty bad messes but nothing like that...YET! But it's good to know that you got through it! You survived...so so will I if something like that happens...although we don't use that soap lol:)

  2. LOL that sounds completely horrible. the floors were probably VERY clean after that though :D


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