Monday, February 7, 2011

Blah to Hoorah!

I was not going to post today.  The flu has been strategically attacking each member of our household.  It's times like these the big family bites you in the butt.  It's gotten Gracie, Elia, Joe, and last night it hit Jadon. 

This morning I woke up feeling not so great.  Great.

I straightened up the house and was about to plop my fat on the couch with a cup of tea and "The Bubble Guppies," our new favorite kids show.  Then I remembered it had been five days since I took my exam.  I went to the DOS website and logged in.  I covered my eyes and slowly spread my fingers apart until I could barely see.

It said, "PASS!" 

I screamed and had a mini dance party.  Now my head hurts.  But, I passed!  I really, really, really, did not want to retake this exam, even though I could, and many people do.

So, once I file my paperwork I will officially be a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with RealtyUSA.  I had that interview last week and got the job, zit and all.

Tonight, I start my training which will run 3 days a week for 3 months.  I'm really hoping I don't start throwing up on my first day.  Especially since I was so excited that my zit was gone.

Thanks for all of your encouragement.  Love to you all.

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