Tuesday, June 24, 2014

They Were Right

I was warned.  I had heard it many times.  I listened and took note as much as I knew how.  As I sit here crying and typing, I wonder if I could have done better with their words.  They said...
It goes by so fast.  Don't blink.  Enjoy it while you can.  Before you know it they're gone. 

They were right.  So right.

So, I will add to their warnings.  I will tell you.  I will shout it out, IT REALLY DOES GO BY SO, SO, FAST! 

They were right.  There is no rewind button on this beautiful life.  I am so thankful for those times I stared long and hard at my children, burning vivid memories of each of them into my brain.  I'm thankful in the crazy, busy, messy, hard times, I took stock.  I'd hear the warnings from older moms whisper quietly into my spirit...before you know it they're gone.  So, I'd take a moment to fully be present in that moment. 

I haven't blogged in a very long time.  Today, I felt compelled to add my "older mom voice" to the many that have spoken it before me.  Moms of young ones, in the middle of the crazy season, enjoy.  Find moments in the very long, repetitive days to gaze long into their eyes.  To inhale the sweet aromas of mothering.  To laugh and let go.  To snuggle and cuddle.  To take it all in.  Because very, very soon, you will be me.  You will have watched your last baby graduate Preschool, and realize after summer, the house will be quiet.  As exciting as the anticipation of that has been, today's reality hit me hard.  Life is moving fast. 

As I sit here and reflect, I am thankful.  I am sad.  I am happy.  I can close my eyes and see Joey, Jadon, Christian, Elia, and Grace.  I can see births, giggles, first steps, BIG messes, tears in the trials, joy and victory in the successes.  I can see five children that I have the privilege to lead and guide to adulthood.  I can continue to be fully present in every single day.  I will. 

Because they were right...before I know it, they will be gone.


  1. Thanks Amy! You are a Blessing!!

  2. Thanks Amy, you are a Blessing!!

  3. I'm crying. I'm in the middle of full blown baby season and it's hard. Good advice.


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