Monday, November 21, 2011


I am wearing... my "frumps", as my husband affectionately calls them.  Frumps are basically any non-sexy, comfortable clothes.  At the moment it's a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt. 

I am wondering... if I forgot anything important that is school related.  It's becoming more difficult to keep track of three boys in school.  Everyday, three agendas need signing, homework needs sorting, snack days need planning, certain clothing needs to be worn on a certain day, certain items need to be sent in for certain events, and money is always needed for something.  Joey is in chorus and now plays the trumpet.  That comes with keeping track of practicing, making sure he's prepared, and having him dressed appropriately for every concert he sings at in school.  It's a lot.  I miss things sometimes.  I try really hard not to, but I do.  There are still two more girls to add to the school mix.  Phew.

I am thankful for... well, everything!  It's thanksgiving week, so it's been on my mind.  We have so much to be thankful for.  When I start to complain, I count my blessings, and it makes the complaints seem ridiculous.  I'm so very thankful.

I am overwhelmed by... I actually don't feel overwhelmed by anything today!  Really!  Now I feel the need to mark this date down in the calendar!

I am eating... plain Cheerios with my girls, no milk, while watching Bubble Guppies.  I'm also drinking a cup of coffee from the Keurig with Bailey's Cream Brulee creamer.  No, there is no alcohol in it.  Gross. 

I can hear... the Bubble Guppies, obviously, but I can also hear Gracie breathing.  She's all up on me.  She's getting big.  She's not a baby anymore.  It makes me sad and happy all at once.  Her breathing floods my heart with memories.

I am going... to try my "Rain Jet" Rainbow attachment at naptime.  I am anxious to see how it works on the ceramic tile, hardwood floors, and white vinyl in the kitchen.  I am going to try it, if I don't take a nap.

I am hoping... my friends burden feels lighter today.  She is amazing and beautiful and does things I could never do. 

Around the house... it's a mess.  I don't clean over the weekend because we're so busy.  When Monday comes, it's a war zone, hard hats recommended.  Usually I'm tired on Monday because of the busyness, which makes the cleaning even harder to accomplish.  I did clean out the fridge and scrub it already.  Score one for the mom.

One of my favorite things... worship music.

Random pictures for sharing... (I hope they stay best friends forever)

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