Monday, November 7, 2011

I am NOT a Child Anymore

After a deep cleaning session upstairs, I made my way downstairs.  I got about three steps down, when I stopped.  A light bulb turned on in my head.  A smile formed on my face.  I quickly hopped back to the top of the stairs.  The kids were quietly watching TV.  I stood at the top, staring down the eleven steps.  Should I do it?  I had to do it.  My stomach was doing somersaults.  The somersaults made me feel like a wuss.  I felt like an old, boring, adult.  This was not acceptable.

At this point I threw all caution to the wind and sat at the edge of the steps.  I counted to three in my head and gave myself a slight shove off the top step.  I began to slide down the stairs on my butt, squealing like a kid as my tush banged against each step.  My descent happened way faster then I thought it would.  I slid down really fast, in spite of trying to slow myself down with no avail.  As my butt hit the hardwood floor on the bottom, I screamed out in pain.  Jadon came running over to see what happened.

I explained to him what I had just done.  After all, I remember sliding down stairs all the time as a kid. This memory is what spurred the idea.  He should have this experience as well.  Jadon couldn't understand what I was explaining, so I showed him.  Again, I flew down the stairs on my butt.  He giggled with pure delight as I slid down.  I grabbed on to the railing and hoisted my fat off the ground.  My behind was already hurting.  What was I thinking?  I am not a child anymore.  I am a grown woman!  I can't be sliding down stairs.  What if this leads to early onset arthritis or something?  At that point I was feeling completely ridiculous.  I am not a child anymore, but I certainly do not want to be an old, boring, adult.  I climbed those stairs and did it one last time.

My butt hasn't felt the same since Saturday, but I have no regrets.

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  1. OMG that was great - now you have to remember not to yell when the kids do it LOL have fun i remember " bumping" down the stairs also at grandma's house


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