Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Case of the Missing...wait for it...

this blog is intended for women only.  be advised. 

GRANNY PANTIES!  For crying out loud, where are all my granny panties!?  I suspect my husband has been secretly stealing them and throwing them out.

There are two occasions that call for granny panties; that magical time that comes once a month, and after delivering a baby.  Since I will never again deliver a baby, I just need my buddies for my period.  Period.  Am I grossing you out or do you feel me on this?  Holla!

Besides, my granny panties aren't all that bad.  They are the Hanes bikini briefs that don't ride up.  I think they say "no wedgies" on the package actually.  Really though, who feels sexy during that time of the month?  Anyone?  Why must I wear sexy underwear then?  My husband disagrees.  He hates the grannies.

Granny panties are on my shopping list this week.  Do you wear the grannies?


  1. I wear the granny underwear. But way more than you do. My butt cant handle that other stuff.

  2. i mix and match. ever see shallow hal? love the thong scene. lol

  3. HAHAHA...I totally feel ya! Anything even brief like is in the granny panties category...luckily for the hubs my bum has gotten too big for most of those and I can't wear them anymore.


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