Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yes, I Let My Baby Eat Rocks.

We were at the boys' football game over the summer.  This became our weekly Saturday routine.  It was always such a pain dragging Christian and the two girls there.  But watching my boys play football, was something I envisioned from the time the ultrasound technician declared, "It's a boy!"  As much of a pain as it was to pack up all the necessities I did not want to miss the games.  We lugged the stroller, the blanket, the cups, the snacks, the toys, the chairs (and my coffee of course).  Even if I managed to see only 2 plays, it was worth it. 

Christian and Elia would play with the other kids but Grace was harder to please.  Under the booth where the announcers worked, was an area filled with tons of rocks.  The rocks were about the size of a golf balls.  Maybe a little smaller.  I was standing at the sidelines cheering on the boys while Grace sat about 3 feet away in the rock pile.  She was perfectly content sitting in the rocks.  After one of the plays, I walked over to check on her. 

Grace had black drool pouring out of her mouth.  She was grinning from ear to ear.  I squeezed her cheeks and out plopped a rock.  I told her, "No."  She smiled.  I walked away closer to the sidelines again.  Sure enough, upon looking back, her cheeks were large and she was cracking somewhat of a smile.  Again, I squeezed those fat cheeks, and out fell the rock.  Once more, I told her, "No!  That's yucky!"  She smiled again and laughed a little.  I stood there a minute and walked away. 

Seconds later I looked back and yep, she was eating rocks again.  This time I didn't move.  I honestly did not care.  She wasn't going to die.  Really, there is no need to call Social Services.  She was quiet and happy, eating the rocks.  It was allowing me to focus on the boys.  Christian and Elia were playing Ring Around the Rosie and Grace was eating rocks. 

I was standing about a foot away from her at this point.  My "mom eyes" were carefully observing her, but definitely not stopping her.  Then, I noticed two women standing behind me watching in horror.  I could read their minds.  "Where is her mother?  How awful!  She could choke!  Oh, how disgusting!"  I remember smiling to myself.  I thought about saying something to them.  It was funnier to let them watch her.

I'm hoping some of you moms that are reading can relate.  When you get to the fifth child, your fears are not the same as when you brought home your first.  You sanitize the pacifier every time it falls to the ground.  You even keep the pacifier in the plastic holder between uses.  Bottles are always sterilized.  You carefully clean your hands with Purell a thousand times a day.  Strangers and even friends are not welcome to hold your precious child.  I'd say by the time I got to the third baby it was a different story.  And by the fifth, well, she eats rocks.  I am OK with that.  I think she's OK with it too.

If letting Grace eat rocks allows my boys to see me cheering them on; then fine by me.  I'll let you in on another secret.  Over the summer we were at a friend's house with a sandbox.  She ate sand.  We hung out with our friends.  Grace ate some sand.  It came out in her diaper the next day.  It was gross, but she was fine.  She has also happily munched on mulch at the playground, gummed some sticks in our backyard, and licked god knows what that she has found on the floor of my house.

Moms know best.  Whatever makes life a little easier for you, is OK.  Obviously, I am not advocating locking our kids in a closet.  But I did just tell my friend with a three week old that she could lock the door to her older son's room at nap time.  I did it.  Nap time is sacred and locking your child's door keeps him in the room and allows you to get a break.  My child fell asleep 95% of the time anyway.  And by the end of the week I didn't even need to lock the door.  We'll talk more about that at another point in time.

So, I let my baby eat rocks.  If I have offended you for it, I apologize.  Wait, no I don't.

Not the day she ate rocks, but at a football game.  She had another item in her sights.

On the move.  Making her getaway.

Score!  Gracie found a stick!


  1. So funny but so true! I "took one for the team" at the DMV when Emily's pacifier fell on the floor. Good mother that I was I cleaned it in my mouth! So different once you get to #3, you are a little older, a little wiser. You realize that in the whole scheme of things, no one will die and that's all that matters!! :)

  2. Let's see the list of things my son will eat if he's allowed... side walk chalk, crayons, mulch, rocks, play dou, anything... He did at some point decide that the only crayola product he doesn't like to eat is the finger paint.


  3. As long as it's not cigarette butts and anything in the candles around your house, I think she's gonna be fine! ;P

  4. @Emily - no cigarette butts in this house...I think I'd actually draw the line there :) As for the candles, I can only hope...never again!


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