Friday, November 26, 2010

My Black Friday!

My phone vibrated under my armpit at 4:20AM.  I flung my feet over the side of the bed and crept quietly into the bathroom to get ready.  The house was quiet.  I maneuvered through the house by the light of my cellphone.  Crap, I dropped the phone.  I paused, hoping my clumsy hands didn't wake anyone.  It's 4:45 and I am out the door.  Many cars are on the road.  I pictured the crazy lady from the Target commercials behind the wheel of one of the passing cars.  Have you seen her? She wears a red jumpsuit and is hilarious.  Then I realized that crazy lady had probably been waiting in line since midnight.  I drove past Target and saw that the parking lot was completely packed.  Cars were even parked in the surrounding stores and restaurants. 

Those people are crazy!  Maybe.  I was not on my way to hit the sales. I do plan on going out one year just for the experience.  Maybe I will make a jersey for myself with some kind of "scary shopper" name on the back to intimidate people.  I will definitely put black lines under my eyes.  Ha, that will be fun.  I don't think I will plan on an actual list for which to shop.  From what I've heard I might be disappointed.  I'll also pack a lunch in my purse.  Black Friday is the thrill of the hunt, the opportunity to save a few bucks, and maybe to spend some time with friends.  Yes, I will attempt the madness one year on Black Friday.

Today though, I had the privilege to hang out with my girlfriends.  Yep, at 5am.  We range in age and stages in life but we have become trusted friends.  Some of us hang out during the day but that forces us to chat while our kids interrupt us every 5 minutes.  Night times don't usually work either.  When we have a babysitter, I want to spend time with my husband.  No offense friends.  We have been meeting for a few weeks now.  I'm pretty certain we'll be adding another early morning too.  A time when we can just hang out, laugh, and forget about any other burden for a bit.  Friendships change so much as we grow.  Trusted friends are hard to find.  Friends have been there during the worst times and cheered during the best.  My friends make me a better wife, a better mom, and a better friend.  Some of us may not talk all week.  But I can guarantee that if I had a problem, I could call them and they'd be there for me. 

7 o'clock comes and we all part ways.  I feel refreshed.  My spirit is rejuvenated.  I realize when I get home I am back on duty.  The kids will be awake and the house no longer quiet.  Joe will be on his way out the door for work.  Even though I have been up, I am not tired.  The time that I have spent with the girls has been well worth the lack of sleep.

I think about Black Friday and the sacrifices people make to get up early, stand in the cold, and wait in long lines.  They are doing it for the pay out.  They may be doing it for the rush, the tradition, or simply for fun.  That is why I got out of bed at 4:20AM today.  I want this to become a tradition.  I want to look back fondly on the time I have spent with friends.  It was a sacrifice at first.  Sleep is so good.  But I'm telling you, time spent with friends is so much sweeter.  The pay out is far greater.  Maybe next year, we will tackle Black Friday together.

Have any fun Black Friday stories to share?  Leave a comment!

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