Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Journey begins on Saturday

On this particular Saturday, I decided to create this blog.  I love the weekends.  There are no crazy agendas.  My husband is home.  I don't have to wake up early and get the boys ready for school (no matter how much I prepare the night before, something always gets thrown in the mix and creates chaos).  We love Saturdays. 

As I began this journey, I spent most of the day in my bed.  Joe was installing a new exterior door so he was preoccupied.  The boys were happily playing with a new collection of Disney figures we received from a friend.  The girls were content to run around the house exploring.  So in my bed I sat.  I felt excited and inspired.  This was something I'd been thinking about for months and I was finally going to do it!  Maybe the kids subconsciously knew, and that's why they entertained themselves for so long? 

A few hours later, Joe actually came into our bedroom and said, "Haven't you done any mommy work today?" 

I hadn't.  Dinner time was approaching and nothing was prepared.  I ran for take-out and we all sat down for dinner.  Grace was squealing with delight.  She likes to eat.  Elia was screaming for ketchup.  She likes ketchup.  Joey was upset because he used too much ketchup.  Jadon took his chicken off of the roll because he doesn't like so much bread.  Christian ate everything.  I was taking it all in. 

In doing so I realized how dirty the girls were.  Elia's curly locks were filled with yogurt.  Their shirts were covered in everything they touched throughout the day.  The boys were equally nasty. 

Looking around, I discovered a dirty house.  Coats and socks were scattered around the floor.  The Disney figures were strategically placed in all of the rooms.  Cheerios were scattered under the highchair.  I guess that's what happens when I stay in bed all day. 

A bath for the girls and three showers later, the house is now quiet.  It is Saturday night, and all the kids are asleep.  Dishes are still sitting on the counter and the house is still a mess.  Tomorrow is another day.  Starting this blog is what I wanted to accomplish.  That is enough for me.  Everything else can wait until tomorrow.

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  1. lol sounds like my house:) Abby always has some type of food in her hair...drives me nuts! Joel and I were just talking tonight about if it's even possible to get the house clean and keep it clean. We decided it's not. lol


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