Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh My God! You Have Five!?

I have a lot to say about this topic.  Tonight I am exhausted so I will have to save the "a lot" for another day.  Here is a glimpse into my outings with the kids.

I took Jadon to the doctor's office today to rule out pink eye.  Thank God, we ruled it out.  I walked into the office carrying Grace and holding Elia's hand.  Jadon followed right behind. 

A nice woman said, "Wow!  You have three children!  How close in age are they?" 

I replied, "I actually have five." 

Then, with the most shocking face I have ever seen (not true, I've seen worse) she spit out, "Oh my God!  You have five!" 

I answered her questions.  What were their ages?  How many in school?  How far apart are the girls?  Are you having anymore?  How do you do it? 

Many people react that way when they hear I have five.  I realize five may not be the normal number anymore, but it is not freakish.  Really, it's not.  Maybe people assume I am trying to be the next Mrs. Duggar.  Nope.  I do love that show, but we stop at five.  (Thank you, Joe for doing your duty.)  Part of my decision to stop at five was because the van only holds seven passengers and I refused to move into a cargo van.  People would certainly think I was a Duggar wannabe then.

We shuffled out of the doctor's office in the same order we came in.  Past all of the onlookers in the waiting room.  Elia said goodbye to them all.

But, that's nothing.  If you could only see the looks we get when the seven of us are out all together.  I remember being at Ruby Tuesday's recently.  They sat us around a huge round table, which we filled.  Every one of the surrounding tables stared at us. 

I'm alright with people saying, "Oh My God!  You have five!"  You should see their faces when I tell them I am pregnant with twins!

...that twins thing was a joke people.

I was going to put up the picture from the professionals.
But this is REAL life!


  1. Ha Ha Ha..I can't help but laugh because when people see that I'm pregnant, they ask if it's my 1st and I say it's my 4th and they all tell me I'm crazy! Not that I can really say that I disagree with them lol. I'm not the type to get offended by it but we are in such a different day in age and it's like anything over 2 is crazy because of course there are so many other important things to do in this crazy, busy world we live in than raise children. (I'm being sarcastic:) )

  2. I just discovered your blog and I suspect I'll be visiting often! I have five as well, three girls 15 months apart (7, 6, and 5) and two boys 20 months apart (2 and 11 mos). Your post could have been written by me... the shock some people go through! It irritates me the most when people act as though it must be such a hard job. Well, sure it is. But my kids are listening and I don't see caring for them as a job... they're my kids! I love them!
    my favourite is when I am out with only two or three of them and someone always says, "What a busy mom you are." Lol, if they only knew!


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