Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Reheat My Tim's 10x A Day

My husband began a quest a year ago to replicate Tim Horton's coffee.  He asked for samples at the drive through of just the cream and sugar that goes into a double double.  That was the basis to the study.  He tried different machines and french presses and a 1970 electric percolator that he found at the Good Will.  After many failed attempts at trying to recreate the yummy goodness that only Tim Horton's can give us, he surprised me with a Keurig, which I had been "hinting at" for months.  I love the Keurig.  He is not a believer.  Still, I admit nothing compares to a Tim's.

Which leads me to admitting the following (after all it's the first step to recovery, right?).  I am a coffee re-heater. 

Usually once a day I swing through the drive-thru of my boy Tim.  Timmy Ho's, Timmy's, Tim to the Ho, Horton's, Timmy H's.  Take your pick.  There is something about their coffee that makes me happy.  It makes me very happy when it's fresh.  I sip it in the car a few times.  It's always too hot so I fold the lip back down and close it.  After I get home and unload the contents of the van, including the kids, I run back out to grab my coffee.  Once I get back in the house I set him on the back of the counter.  I've learned to set him on the back after many children have spilled it. 
An hour goes by and I realize I have forgotten about my boy Tim.  I toss him in the microwave for about 60 seconds.  Opening the lid, I smell the aroma of yummy coffee.  I carefully sip the now too hot beverage.  One more sip and I set him down again. 

Yes, my coffee is a he.  He's warm and comfy like my husband, he tastes good like my husband, and I feel happy after I am done with my husband, I mean coffee (you can keep that G-Rated or R-Rated, it's up to you).  This time I set him on the dresser where I am about to fold laundry. 

I bust through a load or two and then move on to the dishes.  My coffee cup frowns as he knows he has been forgotten again.  More time goes by and I begin to look for my coffee cup.  Retracing my steps I remember I left him in the bedroom.  Into the microwave he goes.  Another 60 seconds. 

By the time it beeps I am off changing a poopy diaper.  My microwave doesn't have that annoying beep that reminds you every 30 seconds that your stuff is done.  So, I missed my beep, and have forgotten about the coffee again.

Nap time comes and goes.  I need my 3 o'clock pick-me-up.  Coffee!  I turn on the Keurig but remember I have a Timmy's.  If I could only remember where it went?  I search the bedrooms.  I even search the basement thinking I brought it down to switch the laundry over.  Hmmm.  Finally, I find him, in the microwave.  That's convenient.  I add 60 seconds again and wait there until it beeps.  I am now smiling as I remove the warm cup from the microwave.  Carefully, I take a sip.  Nasty.  Reheated Tim's never tastes good after the 10th reheat. 

I have time to grab another one before the boys get home from school.  Quickly, I load the girls into the van and hit the drive-thru.  I open the lid and take a sip and close the lid. 

We pull into the driveway and repeat the cycle all over again.
Or in my case, "Always Reheated"


  1. this was hilarious!! i seriously do this to my coffee too. every day. my husband makes me a cup of his own roasted coffee, (yeah he gets the beans green and roasts them himself in a popcorn popper!), which is AMAZING (might even be on par with Tim to the Ho?), but by the time i have time to drink it, its cold, and so begins the cycle. I have 4 kids age 4 and under and so i believe that at least 10 hours of my day consists of changing diapers. I feel ya, sister. :)

  2. I love that you wrote out the different names of Tim Horton's (which is the only name we never use.) It's like a game to try to figure out new variations. :-)

  3. I love this... but I never reheat my coffee. My kids have learned that mommy's going to get up, get breakfast for them and sit in the big red chair in the living room and isn't going to get up for the next 15 minutes or so until her coffee is empty (which is usually how long it takes them to eat anyway).... and they better not mess with mommy before coffee.


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