Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Morning Madness

A typical morning in the Pasinski house is a whirlwind.  I like to think I’m pretty organized.  My husband would probably definitely disagree.  Getting five children up and ready on a weekday is probably harder than it should be.

Mornings actually begin at night.  I pack the lunches, sort through the school folders, and lay out clothes the night before.  In a perfect world the morning would be smooth and orderly because of the steps I take at night.  It’s not a perfect world.. 

Here’s a run through of how this morning started. 

I rolled out of bed at about 7:40.  That’s too late.  I run to the bathroom before I pee my pants.  A splash of cold water on my face helps to wake me up.  I run back into my room to throw a bra on so the boys don’t see "my girls" bouncing around in my pajamas.  Joey, Jadon, and Christian, have already been up for an hour.  Jadon is playing the Wii.  Joey is making a cut out paper doll.  Superman is on the front with Clark Kent on the back.  His artsy mind is already on the move.  I stopped to admire it because it was really cool.  Christian was frolicking around the house doing who knows what.

Everyday I knock on Elia and Grace’s door.  Elia screams, “Come in!” just like every other morning.  Opening the door I see both girls smiling and bouncing in their cribs.  Elia screams with excitement, “Hi mom!  I had a good sleep!  Where’s dad?  Where’s Joey?  Where’s Jadon?  Where’s Christian?  See Gracie!  Say hi to Gracie!  I missed you, mom!”  She bounces on the mattress while I change Grace’s diaper and get her dressed.  Her lack of hair makes at least that part easy.  She gets put in her highchair with a pile of Cheerios and a sippy cup of milk. 

Elia’s up next.  Today we have a mini argument about not wanting to get dressed.  I firmly tell her she has to get dressed or she will have a time out.  She instantly agrees and I let her pick out the shirt.  She picks a green one.  Now we need to tame the luscious locks.  We aren’t going anywhere so I throw it in a ponytail while she complains that I am hurting her.  She runs to the table for Cheerios too.

Today, the cupboards are pretty empty.  I have a habit of putting off grocery shopping until there is nothing left but random pantry items that aren't good for breakfast.  Joe is home because I have to take him to the dentist.  So, I decide Timmy Ho’s will feed us all.  I pull up to the drive-thru and realize I can’t hear the girl through the speaker.  Oh, right, I still have my ear plugs in.  Yes, I sleep with ear plugs.  And yes, I sometimes leave them in during the mad morning rush.  I am still able to hear the kids.  They are just a little quieter.  It’s an added bonus. 

Back home with breakfast.  Joey tells me Elia spilled the entire box of Cheerios in her room, again.  The boys attack the Timbit box like raging beasts.  God help me when they are teenagers.  Elia and Grace also happily munch the timbits.  It’s quiet, for a moment.

While they are eating, I stuff the backpacks with the folders and lunches.  I make sure I’ve signed the appropriate items.  I check the calendar to see who has show and tell, what color shirt they must wear, who has a party, what items are needed for the party, etc.  Shoot.  I need to wrap Christian’s exchange gift.  I dash to my room to wrap it up.  I leave it on the dresser because I am distracted by the boys who are running laps through the house. 

“Teeth,” I scream!

I grab the vacuum and suck up the Cheerios while they are brushing.  Elia is now in the bathroom with the boys brushing her teeth.  She has toothpaste and drool dripping down her shirt.  Gracie is yelling, “Down” because she is done eating. 

The following sentences are all said by me in the next five minutes.  Here they are in no particular order:

"Jadon, go put another sock on."
"Christian, stop rolling the timbits off the table."
"Joey, you cannot wear two Santa hats and the reindeer ears to school." 
"Jadon, take off your pajama pants and put your jeans back on."
"Boys, go put your pajamas back in your drawers."
"Elia, quiet down."
"Boys, go get your hats, coats, gloves and boots on."
"Boys, stop fooling around."
"Christian, go wipe your face."
"Joey, put Superman down and go get ready."
"Jadon, which library books are yours?"
"Who peed on the floor?"
"Where is my coffee?"
"Boys, zip up your coats.  It’s freezing."
"No Elia, you cannot go to school."
"Cat, get out of the way."
"Stop bouncing around the house."
"What are you doing?"
"Jadon, did you take your pajama pants off?"
"Ewe, what did I just step on."
"The cat box stinks."
"Where is your other glove?"
"Turn the lights off."
"Quit poking your brother."
"Elia, please quiet down."
"Who made this mess?"
"Christian, stop bowling with the timbits!"
"See what you are teaching your sister?"
"Your Christmas party is tomorrow.  I already told you that."
"Did I just step in someone’s pee?"
"Why is there toothpaste all over the sink?"
"Elia, put the kitty down."
"Joey, stop making that noise."

Five children are overly crazy because of the Timbits and the realization that Christmas is coming in just four days.

They hop in the car to go to school.  I had to drive them today because as I mentioned, I got up too late. We pull out of the driveway and I realize I left Christian’s exchange gift on the dresser.  I run in the house to grab it then drop the boys off at school.  I barely make it out of the parking lot and look down to see the exchange gift is on the front seat.  Back to school to drop it off.

Home.  I fall on the couch and take a deep breath.  The tornado has stopped.  We made it through another morning.  As I look around I see the destruction of the tornado's wrath.  I survived another morning in the Pasinski house.  Ah.  Before my butt can even nestle into the couch I am off to take Joe to the dentist.

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  1. I laughed so hard reading this!! I could actually hear your voice saying those things to the kids. I especially love the question, "What are you doing?!" I ask that same one so many times to my boys. Loved this!!


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