Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am wearing...  what Joe would call "A Moo Moo" which is really just a pajama type dress.  He actually bought if for me for Christmas because he thought it looked comfy.  I opened this present before I opened the naughty lingerie present.  Hmmm.  Anyway, this "Moo Moo" is pretty comfy.  It's definitely not flattering.  This lead me to google, Moo Moo, to see what it really is.  Based on Google's information, I am not wearing a Moo Moo.  At least I am now highly educated on this garment.  Based on the comfort of this gift, I'm afraid I may need to throw this pajama-ish piece of clothing away.  Otherwise, I may accidentally find myself buying more and living in them.  That will not be pretty.

I am wondering...  if we will actually stay awake to ring in the New Year on Friday.  All this wondering has made me determined to do it.  I am too young to be an Old Fart.  I will shout Happy New Year!

I am thankful for...  the Wii.  Yes, I said the Wii.  It's nap time and I have a headache.  The Wii is entertaining my boys and keeping them quiet.  Thank you Nintendo. 

I am overwhelmed by...  the laundry in the basement that is piled everywhere.  With seven people in this house I cannot put off laundry for 4 days.  Why do I not remember that?  I did start the laundry.  The pile is now growing in my bedroom.  It is all waiting to be folded.  I'll do it later.  I don't care if they are wrinkled.  At least they will be clean.

I am eating...  Hershey kisses.  As I am eating them I am complaining because I have to pull off the stupid silver wrappers before I can eat them.  Why don't they sell them without wrappers?  Chocolate chips aren't big enough.  I have decided I am appreciative of the wrappers.  My annoyance with removing them is making me eat less.

I can hear...  Elia bouncing in her crib and Gracie crying.  She is exhausted and just wants her sister to be quiet so she can go to sleep.  I feel a little bad for her so I yell at Elia to stop jumping.

I can't get enough of...  FOOTBALL.  I have become addicted to the NFL Network.  I cannot wait for the game Sunday.  Let's go Colts.  I'm pretty sure we will be getting a babysitter to go watch the game without the kids.  They moved it to 4pm.  That's the worst time of day to watch a football game with kids.  Peyton Manning is a genius.

I am going...  to bed early.  Tomorrow I am having coffee with some girlfriends at 6am.  At 7pm I am having Pepsi with my fellow PTO moms who I adore.  I need to go to bed early.  I'm looking forward to some girl talk tomorrow.

I am hoping...  that my dear friend gets her baby girl soon.  Adoption is way harder than five heads coming out of my vajayjay.  I even get drugs for that. 

Around the house...  it's scary.  Please friends don't drop by this week.  It's a mess.  Such a mess.

One of my favorite things...  Joey's creative mind.  He got an airplane for Christmas.  It didn't come with a person because the cockpit is very small.  This morning I see him with one of my earplugs that he has turned into a fighter pilot.  The earplug fits in the cockpit.

Random Picture for Sharing...  Joe & Joey.  That's all I have to say about that.


  1. Bravo on another brilliant moment in your literary career!! (And I really think this is the first time I've ever seen the word "vajayjay" - always heard it, just never seen it before now.)

  2. loved this!! esp the 'v' part! made me spit out my water.

  3. Love reading your blogs:) I'm not alone! lol

  4. Lol, girls! I figured we can be real here. I fell in love with the word "vajayjay" when I heard Bailey use it on Grey's Anatomy during l&d. Vajayjay. Love it.

    Here is a 30 sec. clip if you care to watch:


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