Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Barter for...Dinner?

Result of my BARTER

Tonight, I bartered for dinner.  If you are married you must know the term "barter".  If you don't, I'm sorry.  I will do my best to fill you in.  Men barter too.  It's not just for women.  It is an amazing tool in a happy marriage. 

Sunday's are usually crazy.  My day went a little like this.  Wake up.  Shower.  Get 5 kids ready for church.  Go to church.  Come home.  Lunch.  Naps.  Bake cookies.  Laundry.  Boys out for haircuts.  Bake more cookies.  Clean kitchen.  Laundry.  Decorate tree.   Clean more and more in between all the other things I am doing.  Make dinner.  Just mac & cheese, one of those days.  Crazy children running around the house in Santa hats and reindeer ears.  Kids ready for bed.  Yada yada.  Phew.

Finally, the kids are all in bed and I am beat.  Joe asks, "What's for dinner?" (We did not eat yet).  I did not want to make dinner.  I did want a taco salad.  I say, "If you make the taco salads, I will give you an oil rub."  Deal.  That my friends, is a barter. 

See the above photo for my beautifully presented taco salad prepared by Joe.  After I am finished typing, he will get an oil rub.  A backrub with oil.  You give a little, you get a little. 

Many things are bartered for in this house.  I am usually bartering for something done around the house or for a new outfit I saw.  Let me be perfectly clear bartering usually includes some sort of bedroom activity. 

Bartering is reserved for the over and above things I do not want to do, like go to the store and buy stuff for taco salads, and then make the taco salads.
It works for us.  I wonder who initiated the first barter.  Do you barter in your marriage?  Do you call it bartering?  Share some insight with me.


  1. We barter but we don't call it that. Always works. That is the way a team goes. Good for you and now i have a hankering for taco salad. thanks. lol

  2. long ago (before i was a mom and the scale got tip a bit) we made a deal...i do any work inside th house and he would take the outside. Once i did make an attempt at being nice and mowing the took hours and was hard work, but i was proud of what i had done...until he came home and infomred me the lawn mower was self propelled (a feature i failed to use, lol). but that seems to work for us. however, now that our home no longer stays clean like it did in our pre-baby days; he always does something if i ask. i work full time, am working on a phd, and am a full time as i see it, i deserve it!

  3. @Maggie, I had taco salad again tonight, I didn't even barter for it!

    @Ryan, we also made some of those rules too. One big one was, I will clean the poop, Joe will clean the puke. We have many other ones too. Like I said, we reserve the "bartering" for things that go above and beyond the call of duty :) And you go girl! That's a whole lot on your plate! You do deserve it :)

  4. LOL...I thought we were the only ones who did that! We don't call it's Let's Make a Deal in this house:) And it is usually for making food, or cleaning for some type of bedroom activity lol:)

  5. @Sandy, Let's Make a Deal...Love it!


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