Saturday, December 4, 2010

I AM One of THOSE Moms

Before I had kids I always heard moms complaining about snow days and vacations.  They would count down the days during summer vacation anticipating the first day of school.  How mean, I thought.  I would never be one of those moms!

Flash forward to present day.  I AM one of those moms!  The boys had a half day and two snow days this week.  On Wednesday our basement flooded.  The kids got pink eye.  If you remember I took Jadon to the doctor on Monday and they thought it was allergies.  It wasn't.  Everyone except Gracie got it.  We're fine now.  There was just a lot going on.

So, this was not the week for snow days.  Doesn't the Superintendent know that?  As I turned my cell phone on Thursday morning I was praying there wouldn't be an email from he school.  Yes, no more watching the TV, a text message is delivered right to your phone.  That's when I realized, "I am one of those moms!"  Darn it.  I woke up Friday morning wishing for the best.  Oh!  Skunked again!  (If you know what movie that's from, leave me a comment.)

I beat myself up a little bit.  How could this be?  I am a terrible mother.  I reflected on the blog I had recently written about, time flying.  I beat myself up a little more.  Then I realized, I am not so terrible.  I am a stay at home mom and they are with me all the time.  School gives me a break to get stuff done.  School lets me enjoy some quiet time.  School helps me keep my sanity. 

Instead of sulking over the fact I am one of those moms, I will shout it from my rooftop, "I AM one of those moms!"  Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves.  Let's stop doing that.


  1. that comment is in the Christmas Story with Ralphie when he goes to the mailbox to get his little orphan annie decoder pins. lol is that it?

  2. YAY! Go Maggie. My favorite Christmas movie ever!

  3. I am one of those moms too. My daughter is so social that I can't keep up with her (I know imagine that... someone more extroverted than me) School lets her have a life which she needs or she drives her brother and everyone else completely insane. I mean really how many hours can a grown adult play tea party... and yes I do mean hours.


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