Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Little Creepy and a Lot of Fun

This blogging thing is new to me.  I've been a little overly obsessed with reading all I can about it.  It's amazing how many people are blogging about anything and everything, especially moms. 

Google has this feature called "Google Analytics" which lets you analyize all of your website's traffic.  It's a little creepy.  This program will tell you how many people view your website, how they found it, where they are from, and all kinds of other creepy stuff.  It even tells you what they are wearing while they view.  I'm joking, I hope.

So, I've been checking my stats a little too much.  Come on, it's fun.  My friend was volunteering in Tanzania.  I kept getting hits to my website from there.  I sent her an email asking if she was my viewer from Tanzania.  She replied, "I have been reading.  How do you know that?  That's creepy."  It was creepy.

On to the fun part.  As I mentioned, Google will tell me how people found my website.  This is fun.  Say you want to ask a question like, "Why does Tim Horton's coffee make me poop?"  You enter it into a search engine; Yahoo, Google, Bing, and somewhere on one of the options is my site, http://www.poopinacandle.com/.  The searcher clicks on it and finds me.  Then, Google Analytics tells me someone found my site by asking, "Why does Tim Horton's coffee make me poop?"  Really, that is how someone found it.

Here are my other favorite "searches" that have lead people to my site:
"Can I reheat my Tim Horton's with the lid on?"
"Sleep Earplugs"
"Can I leave my earplugs in all day?"
"Should I reheat my Tim Horton's more than once?"
"Pyloric Stenosis"
"Do people poop in candles?"
"Yankee Candle poop"
"Timmy Ho's"
"Pyloric Stenosis Scar"
"How much Tim Horton's coffee will make me poop?"
"Earplug poop"

I'm looking forward to more creepy data.  Bwaaahaahaa.


  1. talk about being hyper connected with the world...yeesh!

  2. I hope it doesn't tell you what we were wearing!! ;)

    I always get a kick out of those, too, sometimes I read someone's search phrase for my blog and think "What does that even mean!?" haha

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am new to the bloggy world as well and this sounds like a very fun and helpful tool! Yay for Google, right?


  4. This is probably one of my most favorite things about blogging, ha!

  5. I think I'm currently thankful for the teeny-tiny number of readers that look at my ramblings when I write.

  6. I think one of you tricksters has added to my list by searching the following "Will I be arrested if I poop in a candle" Haha.

  7. Hope it made you laugh, as that was my goal. :-)


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