Saturday, January 1, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Winner Is...

JENN GREUTMAN!  She wins because I actually laughed out loud when this picture popped open on my screen.  This is Jenn's three year old, Asher.  Since he was born they "lovingly" called him, "Little Old Man Baby."  One day he put his grandpa's glasses on and, voila.  The "Little Old Man 3 Year Old."  Congrats Jenn, for being our first ever Poop In A Candle contest winner!  As promised, you will get your very own Apple Cinnamon Yankee candle for your child to poop in.  Or not.

Our runner up is Rachel Stahl!  This is Rachel's son, Logan, peeing in a diaper box.  Rachel tried the "let him go free" potty training method.  This is how Logan responded.  Just look at those cowboy boots.  You'll get a prize too, because even though it's gross, it's oh so adorable.

There were so many cute photos it was hard to choose.  Here are some honorable mentions.

Muddy Boys, Erin Paolercio

Tessa doesn't measure up!, Heather Reichmuth

Morning Mayhem, Sandy Arcadipane
This was fun.  We'll be doing more contests in the future.  For those of you who missed out...You snooze you lose.  Thanks for participating.  We'll talk Resolutions tomorrow.


  1. yahoo!!!! asher will be proud someday :) Rach's pic is awesome too though. I wish everyone knew Logan and theyd totally understand!

  2. Oh.My.Gosh! The best photos ever! And the captions are hilarious, too!

  3. HAHHAHAHA! I am Jenn's sister in law and Asher's aunt, he is truly a character and we love him. I am also friends with Rachael, and love Logan and his humor! I am so happy they both won!! Thanks for reminding me of this picture! Jenn told me about your site and I check it frequently :)

  4. Thanks for all of your entries. I loved looking at all of your pictures. Too funny.

  5. I love Jenn's kids, and the whole greutman family, and extended family. . . ahhhh miss those little faces!!!!!!!


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