Saturday, January 15, 2011

He Found It

My husband found my cell phone.  Are you kidding me?  This is the man that stands in front of the fridge for twenty minutes looking for the mustard.  The mustard in the bright yellow container that is impossible to miss.  This man will then come ask me where the mustard is.  I'll sarcastically snap back and say that it's in the shower.  After he looks in the shower, kidding, I will tell him it's in the fridge and to look harder.  He will go back and stand in front of the fridge and stare blankly into space.  I will go over to the fridge mumbling about his inability to find anything, and grab the mustard from the shelf.  Then I will call him some kind of name and slam the fridge.

This same theory goes for clothing, children's items, pens, and anything else that is staring him in the face while he is searching.  How I love my husband, really I do. 

I swear the only reason he found it was because he was searching behind my back in order to make me look like the irresponsible one who can't find anything.  How annoying.  He found the phone under the laundry basket in my room.  Or did he?  I think one of the kids brought it to him and he planted it there only to reveal to me that he is my hero. 

I can't wait until he is looking for something again or asks where the toilet paper is.  Which by the way is in the same place it has been since we got married, the linen closet.


  1. A frequent phrase uttered by me in this household is "It's like you don't even LIVE here!"

    I'm glad you have your phone back!

  2. Lol! I can barely stop laughing. That is sooo Joel! I always tell him that he's the "worst looker". Things are right in front of his face and he doesn't see it. But when he finds something I'm looking for, he loves to gloat. LOL!
    So glad it was found. Life can continue now!

  3. That is so funny!! I'm wondering now too if it was planted!!

  4. Don't you realize that Joe suffers from the very common ailment of "Male Refrigerator Blindness" .... it comes with the "Y" chromosome! Glad he overcame that deficit to find your phone :)

  5. Are you sure you are not talking about my husband??? He is the same way, ha! Glad to hear you found your phone!


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