Friday, January 7, 2011


I am wearing...  a nice shirt and scarf paired with flannel pj bottoms.  I ventured out at 6am to Tim Horton's to do some studying.  Once I entered through the front door I immediately went to my room to swap my jeans for my flannel pants.  My poor husband.  I call it the "Mom Syndrome" which may just be my syndrome.  If I'm in the house I want my elastic pants.  It doesn't matter what kind, as long as they are comfy.  My husband often comments how nice I look when I leave the house and how frumpy I look when I get home.  It's just not comfortable to clean and take care of kids in my jeans.  I tell Joe to embrace my frump's.  Still, I feel kind of bad for him.

I am wondering...  if Elia has an ear infection.  She told me her ear hurts.  Blasted!

I am thankful for...  Joey, who we affectionately call "Gabby Mick Gabbster."  That child likes to talk.  This morning, he was in full on gabbing mode.  He talked to me about all of the following; the way a cricket sounds in TV show when it's really quiet, his interest in making a badge for the lanyard he bought at the bookstore, what I was going to put in the clay pot he made for me in art class, how he looked like Elvis after he sprayed down his hair, his interest in Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, what we were going to do this weekend, why his Spongebob Chia Pet was still hairless, how much he loves Elia, in what order he was going to eat his lunch, how excited he was to guess his teacher's middle name, his disturbance that he could not find his new green pencil with the smiley face eraser, and how he could not do the squats on EA Active for the Wii, probably because he was too short to have them register.  Really, no joke.  He is a ball of questions and information.  I am thankful for Gabby Mick Gabbster, even when his diarrhea of the mouth makes me crazy.

I am overwhelmed by...  the amount of toys in this house.  We cleared out before Christmas only to accumulate just as many toys.  I did scale down my shopping this year, but not enough.  Even the girls have too many toys.  It's ridiculous.  I've given up putting any toys away until the evening.  The kids have been up for 2 hours and the floors are already covered with everything from puzzle pieces to Lego's to baby dolls.  Oh well.

I am eating...  nothing.  Seriously.

I can hear...  the water being filtered in the fish tank.  This may be a first.  The boys just got on the bus though so it's not that crazy.'s gone.  Gracie is now pounding on a cat keyboard that obnoxiously "Meows" when you press the keys.  I wonder who the genius was that thought of that one.

I can't get enough of...  stir fry.  This is probably because I am not eating so it is reminding me of the yummy stir fry in my fridge.  Joe made a huge batch of it so I have been eating it at every meal.  It's good.

I am going...  to watch the Colts lay the smack down on the Jet's tomorrow night.  I have been utterly excited to watch this game all week.  Yippee.

I am hoping...  to take a nap today.  I am going to force myself not to watch the DVR'ed episode of Grey's Anatomy from last night and take a nap.  This is going to be hard for me.  Grey's has been off since around the end of November.  I'm dying to see what's going on with Christina.  I'm curious to see what transpires between Callie and Arizona.  Will McSteamy and Little Grey get back together?  Can Meredith and McDreamy really be so happy?  Plus, I'd love to see Teddy get killed off or something.  She drives me nuts.  Darn it.  All this wondering will surely end up with me watching instead of napping.  Grey's is my guilty pleasure.

Around the house... The Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree (real) are all still up.  The season is too short.  I am rebelling about taking everything down.  The boys have already convinced me to leave up the lights in their room.  I'm sure we'll tackle it all this weekend.  Boo.

One of my favorite things...  Elia sucking her Nuk and sniffing her blanket.  Sometimes she inserts part of the blanket into the top of the Nuk, so she can do this hands free.  It's completely adorable.  I don't care if she's two.  I'm not taking the Nuk away yet no matter what anyone says.  She will not lose her teeth or die.

Random picture for sharing...  Elia sucking her nuk and sniffing her blanket, hands free.  I told you it was completely adorable.

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  1. awesome. sounds like a normal mom to me. i feel more normal every time i talk to you and sandy. lol and we call chris chatty chattertons. we add tons to what ever we call them. or i call jay-stinky do. he is always such a stinker. love the innovative nuk/blanket sniffer. very smart of her. go E.


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