Thursday, January 13, 2011

Searching for my Cell

My cell phone is lost.  The battery is dead.  Of course it is.  Luckily, there are only a million and four places my cell phone could be.  I have spent the last half hour searching for it.  I've scoured dresser drawers, crevices of bedrooms, and all of the closets.  Nothing.  I checked under beds, in the bathroom, in all of the kitchen cupboards.  Still nothing.  Moving on, I looked in all twenty-seven toy bins scattered throughout the house.  Not in any of them either.  So far my hunting has revealed a bottle of sunscreen, the missing Jessie doll including her hat, my brown nail polish, 2 nuks, a library book, a bunch of baby socks that the cat thinks are mice, a sippy cup of rotten juice, and a dirty q-tip.

This is the first time that I've lost my phone and the battery has been dead.  It's rather annoying.  A friend was supposed to call in the morning to let me know if she'd be visiting.  Now I had to rely on facebook to hopefully get the message to her regarding the status of my phone.  It's occasions like this when I wish I hadn't cancelled my land line. 

The last time I remember seeing my cell phone was when I was changing Gracie's diaper.  She was holding it while I attacked her diaper full of poop with fourteen wipes.  I went to go question the subject.  Upon my approach I noticed chunks of blue things falling out of Grace's mouth in a stream of drool.  Closer inspection determined she had eaten a baby blue crayon.  Blue speckles were all over her shirt and her teeth were coated in the blue wax.  Gross.  She had no information to lead me to my phone.

Next, I questioned Elia.  "Where is mommy's phone?" I asked.

"I don't know.  You can't find your phone mommy?  Does Gracie have your phone?  Daddy has your phone at work," she insisted.

No help from the 2 year old either.  I give up, for now.  I am certain my phone is in the most random place ever.  My guess is it will turn up on the washing machine, in the vegetable drawer of the fridge, or in the linen closet under the towels I put away yesterday.  I'm off to check those places now.  

I'll let you know when the search is over.  Where is the most random place you have found your cell phone?  Seriously, tell me.  Maybe mine is there too.

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  1. check the fridge.
    or the garbage which you threw out the nasty diaper.


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