Tuesday, November 8, 2011


"Time to Tighten the Reigns" lead to "Battle Banana" this morning.

 I woke up feeling refreshed and happy to see the sun shining.  Joey was just rolling out of bed and the other two were on the couch watching TV.  Like everyday, I gave them two choices for breakfast.  Today, they could have cereal or a granola bar and a banana.  Joey picked cereal.  Jadon and Christian picked the latter.  They all sat at the table and began eating.  I got the girls out of bed and came back down to check on them.  Joey had already put his bowl in the sink and the other two were sitting there fooling around.  A half of a banana sat in front of both of them.

I told them both to eat their bananas.  At that moment, I had declared war.  Battle banana had begun.  I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into.  Jadon began freaking out.  Really freaking out.  Christian's eyes filled with tears as he sat there quietly, inwardly freaking out.  Joe hadn't left yet, so I cheated and sent them upstairs, with their bananas.  I was really trying not to lose it.  If you've read any other my other posts, you know Jadon is my strong-willed child.  He debates every issue, and not quietly.  Today was no different. 

The two smallest boys marched into my bedroom.  I told Joe what was going on, as if he hadn't heard.  I'm sure he was irritated.  I was irritated.  My pleasant morning was taking a turn for the worse.  He sat on the edge of the bed and told the boys they would be eating their bananas.  I stated my case and reminded the boys they chose a granola bar and banana for breakfast.  I began reciting the following in my head...They like bananas.  They eat them all the time.  I wasn't asking them to eat broccoli.  I just want them to eat half of a stinking banana.  There are starving kids all over the world that would love a banana.  Why on earth does this have to be so difficult!?  Shut up, Amy.  Do not feel guilty.

I went down stairs to pack their backpacks.  I knew they would not be coming down anytime soon.  I knew they were going to miss the bus.  If we were going to tighten the reigns, they had to eat the banana.  Joe was doing the tigntening this morning.  Jadon was screaming and was completely out of control.  "The banana is slimy!  It smells like milk!  It's turning brown!  I'm not eating this stupid banana!  I hate bananas!  You're so mean!  I'm going to throw this banana at you!  This is disgusting!  I'M NOT EATING THIS STUPID BANANA" he screamed uncontrollably.   Christian was still sitting on the floor, quietly refusing.  He was being just as defiant, only without the noise. 

I went upstairs to check on the progress.  Nothing.  I lost my patience and yelled.  Then I cried.  I stink, I know.  I left the room, knowing I was not helping my husband.

Joe came down a few minutes later and got them new bananas.  (I suspect he would have made them eat the slimy bananas if he did not have a dentist appointment to get to.)  Jadon and Christian each ate half a banana.  They did not die. 

I felt bad that I wimped out and made Joe deal with this nightmare before work.  I need more patience.  I need to not yell and just follow through. 

I got the kids in the car and drove them to school.  I kissed them and told them I loved them before they got out.  I also told them I didn't like their behavior this morning, and said tomorrow will be better.  I am hopeful. 

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  1. OMG! I love knowing I am not alone. Thank you for your honesty. So many people make me feel like they have perfect happy families and I suck. Its encourraging to hear that other ppl have battles too. ty.


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