Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Not a Fan of Waiting

My exam is done.  I'm happy to report, my pants are dry.  Now, I wait.  I'm not a fan of waiting.

I got to the courtroom at 8:30AM.  My paperwork emphasized the importance of being on time.  It stated in big, bold, letters that the exam started at 9 o'clock. It continued to say the doors would be shut and no one would be admitted after 9AM. 

I waited with three other people for the doors to be opened.  The whole time my heart raced and my palms were sweaty.  I was able to use the bathroom twice, hence the dry pants.  Phew. 

At about five minutes to nine, two ladies strolled in with their hands full of stuff.  They apologized for the delay and said they were stuck in traffic due to weather.  Weather?  OK.  The woman said it would be a few more minutes and then they would let us in.

They posted signs on the doors that stated what my paper stated, "NO ADMITTANCE AFTER 9AM." The sign went up at 9:05.  If I had to wait another 30 seconds I was going to vomit.

We began the exam at 9:27AM.  I was forced to wait twenty-seven minutes longer than what my paper said in big, bold, letters.  Funny.

As the proctor read the instructions she informed us that we would have to wait an undetermined amount of time to receive our tests results.  The results could take five days to three weeks.  So, now I wait.  I'm not a fan of waiting. 

Before I turned in my test I tried to retain every question I wasn't certain of, so I could go home and look up the correct answer.  Then I decided I give up.  I can't change the answer now.  I'm going to turn off my brain and wait for the results.

I'm SO not a fan of waiting.

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