Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am wearing... the Moo Moo-ish thing Joe bought me for Christmas.  I knew it would become a favorite when I tried it on and felt it's soft, cotton, goodness on my skin.  It's too bad it's so ugly. 

I am wondering... what I am going to make for dinner.  The daily task is my downfall.  I don't even know what day it is.  Alas, I'm thinking pizza.

I am thankful for... my husband.  As I make this transition into real estate he has picked up my slack in the home and with the kids.  I need to remind him I am thankful and tell him he's my hero.

I am overwhelmed by... real estate.  Training has been amazing and has me thinking and dreaming about houses non-stop.  It's exciting and invigorating and overwhelming all it once.  It's a good overwhelmed.

I am eating... I'm actually drinking diet hot chocolate.  It's gross, but I keep drinking it. 

I can hear... Elia and Gracie playing together.  As Gracie gets older they become closer.  Elia tells Gracie what to do and where to go, and she listens.  It's quite adorable.  They are currently playing with Bingo and the Princess in their dollhouse.  That's what Elia named them.  I'm glad Gracie snuck into our family.  Elia wouldn't have a friend for life if it worked the way we planned.

I am going... to get back on the healthy eating train.  After girl's night, of course.

I am hoping... my children stop pretending to be cats.  Jadon started the game last week.  They've all been crawling around and meowing non-stop.  One cat is enough in our house.  It's driving me crazy.

Around the house... it's presentable.  We are keeping up with the basics but that's it.  It's going to need a major Spring cleaning soon.  I'll happily do it this year because it will be the last time I have to Spring clean in this home. 

One of my favorite things... hot tub fun in the winter.

Random picture for sharing...

100th Day of School Tradition.  Christian's 100 Thumbprints collection.

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