Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Question Friday

1.  Have you ever had surgery?

No, knock on wood.  I did come very close after delivering Elia.  For some reason my placenta decided it did not want to come out the easy way.  Before I knew it my doctor my backup doctor's arm was inside me up to his elbow.  My husband handled that delivery great, until that point.  He dug around for what felt like eternity, until he was finally able to remove the entire placenta.  The nurse just kept telling me to hang in there.  If they could not remove it I would have to be taken to the emergency room and cut open.  Thank God for epidurals.  The recovery from that delivery was the worst.

2.  Ever ride in an ambulance?

No, knock on wood, again.

3.  How are you in a medical emergency?  Panicked?  Calm?

PANICKED!  A few of the minor injuries that turned me into a crazy woman; Jadon cutting his head on the toilet, Joey's croup fit, Christian's "confused" episode, and Grace's high fever.  I must give myself credit though, because during Elia's stay at Children's Hospital, I think I was a bit of a Rock Star.  I remember Joe kept telling me how good I was doing.  I think in the severity of that ordeal the mom in me was able to hold it together for her.

4.  Do you have a garden?  Flowers or Veggies?

I do not.  Joe does.  He is more Martha Stewart than me.  Really.  He has taken great pride in our yard and it's appearance.  He thoughtfully purchases the flowers each year and carefully places them throughout the yard.  He has the green thumb.  I kill things. 

5.  When did you move out of your parents house?

When I was 19, right before I got married. 

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  1. You should thank God every day that you didn't have to do question number one without any pain control. With Zenaida I had a manual extraction with nothing for pain. I screamed through the whole thing. I now understand the definition of the word torture and that I would break in a second.


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