Friday, October 14, 2011

Mama Mia?

Mama Mia, yesterday, about 9PM.

A few hours prior, I was telling my husband about Elia's annoying whining, as I headed out the door to take Jadon to football.  I needed a break. 

Elia's becoming somewhat of a "princess" and very demanding of things going exactly her way.  It's her way, or no way.  She expresses this with a dramatic, "What!?" and a whine.  I'm not having it.  She spent a lot of time on the stairs yesterday, serving her two minute time outs.  At some point during the day, she was resting cutely, and quietly, on the couch.  I snapped a picture because she looked so beautiful.  A few moments later, she went away and the drama queen returned.  She debated why it was not time for a nap.  Cute went out the window.

I came back from football refreshed.  I watched my boy happily running drills with his teammates. As I carefully listened, I could hear him giggling as he made a tackle.  I stared at the trees and breathed in the crisp, fall air.  It was a good break.  Joe was putting the princess to bed when we got home.  She was whining as he got her ready.  I gave her a kiss and she angrily trampled off to bed. 

I went into my room and plopped into bed.  I was reading and channel surfing at the same time.  Mama Mia was on.  I'd never seen it and I didn't know anything about it.  It didn't look exciting, so I turned the channel.  A while later I recalled the channel and saw this....

There I am, blubbering, uncontrollably.  Sobbing.  I picked up my phone to look at the picture I took earlier, and cried.  She's slipping through my fingers, right now.  Every day.  I can't do anything about it either.  It was a gentle reminder to myself, how fast it goes.  Today I have more patience for the drama.  I'll keep this video on hand, for the next time I need reminding.

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