Thursday, June 9, 2011

You Heard It Right

I emptied Joey's backpack the other day and discovered a spelling test. He got a 95%. I told him he did a good job. He took a look at it and realized he got another one wrong, and the teacher didn't mark it. The word was "tiger" and he spelled, "tigger".

He asked me to put the test back in his folder, so he could tell the teacher he should get a 90%. I told him I was proud of him for making a good choice. His response, "Thanks, Mom. I'm really trying to improve my life."


  1. LOL...that's too funny. my own son just told me the other day that he had a really great fun day. I asked why...he says, I think it's because I listened really well today, so you didn't have to time out me, or even yell. so I'm gonna listen every day now.
    Oh, great...only took 6 1/2 years of time outs and yelling. now he gets it. LOL

  2. I've given you the Sunshine Award! you can view it at my blog.


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