Monday, March 14, 2011

Dental Hygiene Month?

February was dental hygiene month at school.  February was also the boys regular check-ups at the dentist.  This home is filled with 9 new toothbrushes, 27 kid friendly floss thingies shaped like Buzz, 6 rolls of regular floss, and about 12 mini tubes of bubblegum sparkle toothpaste.  We've got dental products coming out of our ears mouths.

So, it was dental hygiene month.  There is something not very hygienic about 5 kids swapping brushes and flosses.  It's disgusting.  My husband keeps his toothbrush on top of the medicine cabinet where no one can find it.  God forbid if it touches one of the kids toothbrushes. 

The boys have opened every tube of toothpaste.  Why?  They are all the same flavor.  I've been cleaning the sparkly blue stuff off the shelf, out of the sink, off the counter, and from the mirror. 

Grace and Elia have also been carrying around the toothbrushes.  Grace sucks and chews on it while drool pours down her chin and unto her clothes.  She then paints the wall with the wet bristles.  I know what you're thinking, take the toothbrushes away.  If we didn't have seventy-two thousand, I would.  I think the kids are stashing them under their pillows or something.  Of course I'll also admit the toothbrush also keeps Grace entertained for hours.  No joke.  At least her teeth are clean?

This week Joey also admitted to me that he dropped my toothbrush in the toilet.  My husband started laughing.  He knew my toothbrush fell in the toilet and didn't tell me.  They said they used really hot water to clean it.  I'm brushing with a Snoopy toothbrush temporarily.

Hooray for Dental Hygiene "Nasty" Month.


  1. My cats chew on our brushes sometimes so I feel your pain...And I don't tell my husband :) What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

  2. You can always soak them in Listerine before you brush.

  3. i would pass out. tim used mine on our honeymoon and then i set him straight. somethings are meant to be a one person item. more power to you for being so great about it.

  4. Oh, your kids were literally having fun taking care of their teeth. That part about your toothbrush falling into the toilet was nasty! Just imagine the germs attached to your toothbrush. Even hot water won't work! LOL! Anyways, every month should be dental hygiene month. Cheers!

    >Eddie Storms


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