Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I Hate

Welcome to my newest blog topic...Things I Hate.

This morning I served waffles.  I had to run the four slice toaster three times to make enough food for my brood.  I stood their thinking, I needed to see if anyone sells a bigger toaster.  Even if it was a six slice I would be able to do one less round of toasting.  This though, is not what I hate.

I hate cutting up food for my children.  I cut twelve waffles into bite size pieces for the kids.  Since Joey has been able to chew, I've been cutting food.  I am in no rush for them to grow up, but I seriously can't wait until they can work their own forks and knives.  I cut up waffles, chicken, apples, steak, hot dogs, and pancakes.  I cut up pork, cake, pizza, turkey, and oranges.  Multiply all that cutting by five and I'm ready to put it in a blender and serve it in a cup.

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  1. Your blog makes me giggle! So funny, just serve the waffles in a cup with a straw, LMBO!!!


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