Friday, March 4, 2011

Endless Messes

I'd like to point out that it is only 9:53AM.  At 9:53AM, I have already cleaned the following messes:
  • Spilled cereal and milk
  • Grace's bedding soaked with pee
  • The bathroom floor soaked with pee
  • Grace's pee soaked puppy.  Not her pee, but the pee that was left in the toilet when Jadon threw the kill the ant...that was crawling on the bathroom wall...when it landed in the toilet?  What?
  • Poop
  • My precious Timmy's that Grace dumped on herself immediately after I got her dressed.  No fear, it was cold because well, how often do I get to enjoy it hot.  Can I get a "Word!"
  • All of my bedding because the coffee spilled all over my bed
  • A floor full of dry cocoa puffs (Gracie attacks again)
  • Maple syrup that covered the table from breakfast
  • My shirt because I leaned on the syrup filled table
  • An entire cup of water (thank God) that the cat tipped over
  • Toothpaste which 3 boys spit all over the sink, counters, and mirror
  • Cocoa puffs, again
  • The entire contents of my bag (this mess compliments of Elia)
  • My diet Pepsi (because I lost my coffee) that I spilled all over the counter
I wish I was exaggerating.  I know you mom's feel me.  Calgon....

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  1. Amen sister. and i just keep thinking about you being a working woman now and doing all those things. phew i need a nap just thinkin bout it. lol. YOU ARE AWESOME!


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