Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother Nature, You are a Tease!

I previously wrote a post titled, "My name is Amy, and I'm a Complainer". I've been trying not to complain. Trying.

We live in Buffalo. I should be used to the weather. Friday, we finally got a gorgeous sunny day. We followed it up with six days of cold and rain. Why must mother nature be such a tease. She gets us all excited by flaunting her goodness and rips it right out from under us. She causes us to pack up all of our sweaters and break out the flip flops, only to leave us freezing.

The kids get out their bikes and are finally able to unleash their madness. Then they are stuck unleashing their madness on me, bouncing off the walls for the next week because of the rain.

I think I've had enough. Please stop teasing me.

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