Monday, May 16, 2011

You Heard It Right

Welcome to another edition of "You Heard It Right."

Today's message comes from Christian. 

"Mommy!  I had the most super, best, really good, awesome, really, really, super good day!"

"Really.  Why?" I asked.

"Because I was good and got a dinosaur sticker from school!" he continues with pure delight.

I told him to go get it so I could see it.  He runs and grabs it and happily presents it to me.  The small circle sticker was smaller than a dime.

"Isn't is awesome!?" he squeals.

"It sure is!" I agree.

My five year old could not wait to get in the house to tell me about his super awesome sticker.  The sticker was the highlight of his day.  It made his day.  Oh, to be five.  I instantly forgot about the cold, rainy, weather and how depressing it was making me, and took pleasure in the sticker story.

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