Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TEN YEARS, Whoa Baby!

Today I celebrate my ten year anniversary.  I try not to brag too much about my amazing husband, which is hard.  I can't help it most times.  I don't post everything he does for me on facebook or tweet about his constant choice to put me first.  Same goes for him.  He keeps it to himself as well.  Yesterday, however, he posted this as his facebook status, "Ten years ago was the day before my wedding. My brother and I were discussing the things of life. It occurred to me then (and still baffles me today) how such a beautiful woman who had everything going for her would choose me. Somehow I duped her in to believing that being with me for the rest of her life was her best option. WHAT A SUCKER! I wish I could reciprocate the peace, love, and joy that she brings me."

I cried as I read his proclamation.  Knowing that amidst all of my flaws and shortcomings he can say I bring him peace, love, and joy, makes me so happy.  As a wife, that is truly my heart.  He does reciprocate all of those things right back to me.  And he probably does it better.

I will never forget our wedding day.  I was standing in the back of the sanctuary peeking through the blinds as Joe and his groomsmen came out.  The beautiful Prior girls were singing "From This Moment" as my girlfriends began walking down the aisle.  At that moment I felt so completely sure about following them down the aisle, and walking into my future with Joe.  Ten years, 5 children, and everything in between, whoa baby!  It hasn't gotten old, and I pray it never does. 

Joe is full of so many good things.  He is loving, he works hard for his family, he loves God, he is a man of uncompromising integrity, he loves people, he makes me laugh, he is trustworthy, he is patient, he is a dreamer, he is my best friend.

I won't apologize for my mushiness today.  Ten years only comes around one time.  Joe planned an overnight getaway to Salvatore's and is taking me to see Wicked.  It was supposed to be a surprise, until I kept bugging him about buying tickets for the show.  Since I wouldn't leave him alone, he cracked.  I felt bad that I ruined his surprise.  I should have known he had already bought them.  That's just the kind of husband he is.
At our last overnight at Salvatore's.  Happy 10th Anniversary to my Lover.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! This is a special one:) 10 years is such a fun anniversary to reached double digits lol. Mushiness is good! Joe is a great husband to you and you are a great wife to two deserve all the happiness, joy and overflowing blessing God has for you. Have fun on your overnight!


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