Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh, the Horror!

Nap time. Sacred time. Quiet time. A chance to regain my sanity. The pick me up I need to make it through the rest of the day. Some days it's a cup of coffee. Other days it's a phone call to a friend. Sometimes I lay out in the sun, but let's face it, there is no sun. Nap time. Just say the words and moms all over the world smile. You know you feel me on this one.

On this particular day, nap time would involve my guilty pleasure, Grey's Anatomy. I don't care what anyone has to say about it either. I love it. My husband doesn't, which is why I DVR it. So, I've got my coffee in hand, the girls are quiet, and I turn the TV on. Happily I scroll through the list and click on the season finale of Grey's.

Something weird is happening. The "Please Wait" scrolly bar thingy is taking way to long. Relax, it's fine, you're overreacting. Longer still and the words are still there and the scrolly thing is not stopping. "Please Wait" is still on my TV. I swear it is laughing at me as I begin to panic. Then to my horror, the following is displayed, "Playback failed. No audio/video data packets received from server."

What!? What the heck is a video data packet and why weren't they received from my server! Are you kidding me. This is the season finale people! Are Mer and McDreamy going to get the baby Zola? Is the clinical trial going to be trashed? Who is going to be named Chief Resident? Is Lexy going to go back to McSteamy? Are Hunt and Christina going to stay happy in love? Is Teddy going to Germany or staying with her husband? What will become of Karev? I can live without knowing what happens to Torres and Robins, I'm over them. Kepner is even starting to grow on me.

I already admitted it was my guilty pleasure, don't judge. I got ahold of myself. I went to the living room to try that TV. Oh no, it happened again. Remain calm. I reset the buttons on all of the receivers and waited. And waited.

I hit the play button and as the picture came on I was giddy. All was right in the world, almost. One minute and 37 seconds later, I heard Elia. She was awake. I would have to wait until bedtime to find out the fate of my peeps at Seattle Grace. I cannot be disturbed during Grey's.

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  1. don't let anyone judge you. lol you are awesomely honest.


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